Jeremy Renner rocks a leather jacket and distressed jeans jeans because he covers the November 2016 issue of #Legend. The American actor connects with professional photographer Sarah Dunn and stylist Paris Libby for any rugged shoot outdoors. Speaking towards the magazine about fame, Renner expands with an earlier quote towards the Hollywood Reporter.

    Evaluating fame to some “drunk uncle”, the 45-year-old actor explains, “Yeah, here’s the factor. It is not something I ever wanted. It arrives with the gig. You shouldn’t shit onto it, what will you do? It’s much worse for ladies, incidentally. They’re dissected on from the things they put on towards the beach to cellulite just awful, disgusting things.”

    Renner continues, “Women celebrities have it a great deal harder than guys. You need to obtain a thicker skin than already what must be done to become an actress, which isn’t the finest factor. I shouldn’t be guarded. I shouldn’t have side eyes searching around everywhere I am going due to people wanting something from me.” Find out more on

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