On the third of Britons don’t believe ‘sexting’ another person is cheating


    On the third of Britons don’t believe ‘sexting’ another person is cheating


    Greater than a third of British adults don’t consider “sexting” someone apart from their partner to become cheating, market research has revealed.

    Researchers found 35 percent from the 2,150 women and men surveyed within an online poll didn’t consider delivering sexual messages and pictures to a different person to become infidelity.

    One out of 10 people stated they considered “sexting” to become generally “just a little bit of fun”, while 62 percent stated they considered delivering photographs to become less acceptable than delivering texts.

    Around eight percent of individuals accepted they’d “sexted” a 3rd party within the this past year along with a third of these stated it had brought to more compromising situations, like meeting up and getting sex behind their partner’s back.

    The research, commissioned by lawyer firm Slater & Gordon, also demonstrated the main difference between your way women and men see the subject.

    While just below 1 / 2 of women – 49 percent – considered it cheating, only 34 percent in men have the same.

    Rupi Rai, a household solicitor in the firm, stated increasingly more clients were visiting these to cite “sexting” as cause for divorce.

    Based on United kingdom law, infidelity is understood to be if somebody has extra-marital sex with someone from the opposition sex throughout a married relationship.

    Ms Rai stated: “With more and more people getting use of social networking and advances in technology, we view a boost in quantity of clients visiting us who think their partner has entered the road and committed infidelity, but away from the traditional sense.

    “What some might think about a harmless little bit of fun – like delivering flirty messages or explicit pictures, others say is harmful for their relationship and cause just as much hurt and upset as physically cheating. The study is real warning to couples about fostering to not mix that line.”

    But regardless of this most men stated they’d not leave their partner when they discovered they’d sent “sexts” to a different person.

    Just six percent in men would consider departing their partners over “sexts” – while 13 percent tried it themselves.

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