Jockey kicked in face by horse then go beyond by ambulance motorists

    Jockey kicked in face by horse then go beyond by ambulance motorists


    A jockey from Northern Ireland was go beyond by an ambulance coming to deal with him after he’d been kicked hard with a horse.

    Chris Meehan, from County Lower, endured a damaged leg once the vehicle drove over him throughout a hurdle race in Merano, northern Italia, and today faces two several weeks from action.

    He remained laying on the floor inside a pool of their own bloodstream after falling from his horse and being kicked hard, prior to being put into the recovery position through the race starter.

    Meehan also had his nose damaged within the accident and endured a gash to his jaw which needed 27 stitches.

    “The racecourse ambulance emerged alongside us and reversed up onto my leg,” Meehan told Racing Publish.

    “They stopped it on the top of my leg and so i began screaming. It broke it immediately.

    “Everyone around me needed to push them back me. You need to laugh really.”

    Meehan also saw irony within the coincidence that several close people of his family act as ambulance motorists in your own home in Northern Ireland.

    He stated: “My father really teaches many people in Northern Ireland and England how you can drive the ambulance! It’s bizarre, you couldn’t recover it.

    “My father, brother, auntie, they’re all ambulance people.”

    Meehan lately required out his jockey’s licence again and it is planning for a go back to jumping carrying out a stint around the flat.

    He stated he was coming back to eire on Tuesday for surgery on his leg and face.

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