Mens Fashion Basics Part 80 Mixing Textures


    Mens Fashion Basics Part 80 Mixing Textures

    Partly 1 of the number of articles, we covered the straightforward techniques you can use to layer your clothes correctly and just what fabrics are regarded as spring/summer time or fall/winter appropriate. But let’s be truthful, that’s the simple part taken care of. Simple methods are really simple to master in the end. This time around we’re likely to start an art which will your layering game to another level.

    That skill is mixing textures. This really is something which is frequently attempted but, without proper kind of consideration, can change a consider a tragedy. This can be a shame because, having a couple of simple guidelines, it may really provide your outfit that sartorial ‘cherry on top’.

    Where would you begin? With all of these textures on offer, how possibly are you currently designed to pull them altogether? Well, of course, keep in mind the layering rule of ‘thick to thin’ after which check out these simple techniques:

    1. Monochromes

    The simplest way to combine textures is to ensure that they’re all inside the same neutral tone. Shades of gray, blue and black are pretty straight forward, chic and classic to look at and, because of their muted tone, pull together different textures effortlessly.

    Multiple tones of blue is most likely the best, because every guy looks great in blue and you will find more possibilities at each cost indicate pull this off. However, gray on gray on gray is a growing trend this spring/summer time so that’s not saying it shouldnt be attempted.

    For black, mixing textures is the greatest (and a few might say only) method to pull this off effectively within one look. For instance, some raw black jeans will appear perfect alongside a black brushed cotton dress shirt and silk knitted tie, using the different textures enabling each bit to stick out individually from the other. So why wouldn’t you funnel your inner Johnny Cash and give it a try?

    Example Looks:


    • Allsaints Scythe ShirtAllsaints Scythe Shirt
    • Topman Blue Herringbone Heritage BlazerTopman Blue Herringbone Heritage Blazer
    • Reiss Mississippi Clean Raw Denim IndigoReiss Mississippi Clean Raw Denim Indigo
    • Browns Marled Cotton ShirtBrowns Marled Cotton Shirt
    • 5th Main Black Slim Jeans5th Main Black Slim Jeans
    • Reiss Cutler Knitted Silk Tie BlackReiss Cutler Knitted Silk Tie Black
    • American Apparel Fine Jersey Short Sleeve V-neckAmerican Apparel Fine Jersey Short Sleeve V-neck
    • Paul Smith Collection Donegal Flecked Jacket 133910Paul Smith Collection Donegal Flecked Jacket 133910
    • Allsaints Bronson Skinny Runner JeansAllsaints Bronson Skinny Runner Jeans
    2. Keep It In The Family

    One step on from monochromes, begin using different tones from inside exactly the same family. Just like shades of blue labored, same goes with colours in the red, eco-friendly or brown family. To have an easy guide regarding how to pick colours in the same family, refer you to ultimately the color wheel available within my opening help guide to colour.

    However, if the appears like a little too a leap for you personally then why don’t you just mix the monochromes rather? Gray, navy and black all look wonderful together, so utilise these simple foundation colours to combine your different textures.

    Example Looks:

    • Fred Perry Chambray ShirtFred Perry Chambray Shirt
    • Topman Camel Cotton Heritage BlazerTopman Camel Cotton Heritage Blazer
    • Gucci Flecked Classic Trousers 127634Gucci Flecked Classic Trousers 127634
    • Asos Polo Neck JumperAsos Polo Neck Jumper
    • Topman Berry Donkey Heritage BlazerTopman Berry Donkey Heritage Blazer
    • Paul Smith Jeans 080k-312 Slant Damson TrousersPaul Smith - Jeans 080k-312 Slant Damson Trousers
    • Reiss Decon Long Sleeve Satin Stripe Shirt GreenReiss Decon Long Sleeve Satin Stripe Shirt Green
    • Luxury Harris Tweed Pure Wool Herringbone Woven JacketLuxury Harris Tweed Pure Wool Herringbone Woven Jacket
    • Balenciaga Stonewashed Corduroy And Denim Trousers 132124Balenciaga Stonewashed Corduroy And Denim Trousers 132124
    3. Break it up! Break it up!

    Another key strategy is to interrupt up textures having a simple solid item.

    For instance, everyone knows that jeans and tweed really are a match produced in paradise. When Fall begins, you cannot move for men in dark indigo jeans and gray tweed blazers! The answer to mixing both of these textures would be to put something solid and minimalistic together just like a white-colored v-neck tee or perhaps a azure oxford cloth shirt.

    Using this method, the main focus isnt positioned on the textures however the look in general which, in the end, is the skill of mixing fabrics anyway. So why wouldn’t you achieve for the trusty gray crew neck t-shirt next time youre attempting to pair individuals brown tweed pants together with your jeans jacket?

    Example Looks:

    • Nudie Jeans Mens V-neck T-shirtNudie Jeans Mens V-neck T-shirt
    • Reiss Clinton Lightweight Patch Pkt Blazer DeerReiss Clinton Lightweight Patch Pkt Blazer Deer
    • Acne Navy Max New Raw Slim JeansAcne Navy Max New Raw Slim Jeans
    • American Apparel Tri-blend Pocket Short Sleeve T-shirtAmerican Apparel Tri-blend Pocket Short Sleeve T-shirt
    • Jean Shop Washed Selvedge Denim JacketJean Shop Washed Selvedge Denim Jacket
    • Asos Slim Fit Tweed Suit TrousersAsos Slim Fit Tweed Suit Trousers
    • Farah Vintage Sky Blue Hudson ShirtFarah Vintage Sky Blue Hudson Shirt
    • Gucci Palma Cashmere Jacket 127987Gucci Palma Cashmere Jacket 127987
    • Farhi By Nicole Farhi Navy Cord Straight JeansFarhi By Nicole Farhi Navy Cord Straight Jeans
    General Guidelines

    However, when deploying any of these strategies to gain levels your layering game, it’s best to keep in mind a few universal laws and regulations too. First of all, when opting for the ‘same family’ or ‘monochromatic’ looks, make certain you vary the feel every time you give a piece. Unless of course they are available in general, for example suit jacket and pants, you won’t ever wish to keep adding exactly the same textured material to some look. The jeans tuxedo may be the finest of these sins.

    Next, if you wish to put on exactly the same kind of material multiple occasions it’s OK to do this. A majority of American urban style is made around cotton the answer would be to vary the feel from the fabric every time. For instance, brushed cotton looks fine alongside waxed cotton and oxford cloth cotton. Brushed cotton five occasions, doesn’t.

    Lastly, attempt to pick pieces that won’t contend with one another an excessive amount of. Cords and jeans are wonderful and were created for one another both are durable, heavyweight and worker put on based pieces. However, either of individuals materials by having an excessively fashion forward leather jacket (asymmetrical, wrinkled with huge arse aviator lapels, for instance) is simply too much.

    Final Word

    There we’ve it guys, three certified ways of layering and mixing textures together. Of course, tell me your ideas within the comments section below, and tell the city the concepts you love to stay with.

    Within the final thing about this series, we’ll concentrate on specific looks place together, utilising fabrics that flatter one another, and how to proceed during individuals awkward transitional several weeks.

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