The Very Best Pieces In The New Uniqlo x Lemaire SS16 Collection


    The Very Best Pieces In The New Uniqlo x Lemaire SS16 Collection

    We welcomed with heavy heart this news this second meeting between Uniqlo and Lemaire will be the pairs last. As hook-ups go, it made more sense than most high-street tries to tap up luxury both brands have created out reputations on minimalism, focus on detail and knowning that less is much more with regards to making guys look great.

    But to sweeten this conscious uncoupling, we all do a minimum of have an accumulation of the only real clothes you’ll need this summer time, in the lightweight pants youll reside in until October, towards the best seersucker jacket youll ever see under £100.

    Heres our pick from the pieces that memorialise the one which got away. Grab them from 11pm tonight at, as well as in store from 18 March.

    Cotton Twill Shirt Blouson

    Popped jackets are trending this summer time, most famously simply because they balance the wide-legged pants that fight them or otherwise are visiting release your silhouette.

    Put on with pleats along with a Cuban collar shirt, adding in a set of Wayfarers for any look that states Dickie Greenleaf around the Riviera. Even when youre within an office in Wrexham.

    Costing £69.90.

    Uniqlo x Lemaire

    Seersucker Jacket

    Seersuckers shaken off its repetition because the Louisiana gentlemans tailoring of preference, because of a variety of slim, fine-gauge suits from the kind of J.Crew.

    But Lemaires version is much more modern still its slouchy cut and breeze-permeable fabric well suited for sweltering summer time days. Buy now, then count lower the days until that jaunt to Nice.

    Costing £79.90.

    Uniqlo x Lemaire

    Supima Cotton Lengthy-Sleeve Sweater

    There is a reason your granddad and Kurt Cobain both repetition cardies. When its cut loose and light-weight you have a layering linchpin, which slots under from a suit, to some jeans jacket, to some parka once the weathers difficult to read.

    Or simply put on having a white-colored tee and jeans for any look that actually works from office to after-hrs.

    Costing £59.99.

    Uniqlo x Lemaire

    Supima Cotton Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt

    Mens polo shirt really are a summer time staple simply because they sub in anywhere you’ll need a collar, but prevent you sweating.

    Button up and rock the environment-tie within suit jacket (moving approved by everybody from David Lynch to Mark Ronson) or make like Bond and pair with chinos, deck footwear along with a cocktail.

    Costing £24.90.

    Uniqlo x Lemaire

    Extra Fine Cotton Convertible Collar Lengthy Sleeve Shirt

    Remember what we should stated above about this Cuban collar shirt factor? This is actually the just one you’ll need. Youll understand the boxy cut once the mercurys bubbling, while lengthy sleeves in the formality, so that you can put on it anywhere youd normally require a button-lower collar.

    Costing £29.90.

    Uniqlo x Lemaire

    Twill Striped Short Sleeve Shirt

    This pastel stripe may be the collections key pattern half 1950s barber, half frozen treats seller, all sleek as hell.

    And since the cuts loose and also the sleeves billow, instead of squeeze your biceps, you lose all of the short-sleeved shirts normal lads on tour overtones.

    Costing £29.90.

    Uniqlo x Lemaire

    Cotton Twill Elasticated Pants

    Whomever made the decision that comfort wasnt the alternative of trendy, we salute you. The pleats mean more room around your thighs, which means you dont suffer summers sticky skin, and also the elasticated waist is really a friend to anybody not pursuing that beach body. Or whos hit the all-inclusive with track of getting their cash back.

    Costing £39.90.

    Uniqlo x Lemaire


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