St David’s Day: Best alcoholic drinks to celebrate the patron saint of Wales

    St David’s Day: Best alcoholic drinks to celebrate the patron saint of Wales


    For individuals wanting to celebrate St David’s Day by belting out a couple of lusty choruses of Land In Our Fathers, there isn’t any better method to lubricate your vocal pipes compared to a snifter (or two) of proper, boozy beverages from Wales.

    It’s a rustic fortunate having a booming craft beer scene, some remarkable, climate-defying wines, along with a vibrant cider-making community that matches those of their noisy British neighbours.

    They have a welcome within the hillside all right… a golden, liquid, boozy welcome.

    1. Penderyn Single Malt Madeira finished, 46%: £41.40 (including VAT and delivery), Penderyn store


    Here’s a scorching Scotch-beater in the Welsh whisky wizards of Penderyn. Distilled and combined with Brecon Beacon well water (try stating that following a couple of glasses) then matured in Madeira casks for any distinct fruity finish. An even-supping, palate-pleasing whiskey, sweet enough to show Tom Johnson soprano.

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    2. Tiny Rebel, Cwtch, 4.6%: £2.45, Beer Merchants


    Newport’s Small Digital rebel boosted Welsh brewing pride when Cwtch scooped the very best gong finally year’s Champion Beer of england awards. It’s a simple-consuming amber ale with soft malt and caramel underpinning a riotous medley of tropical fruit and berry flavours.

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    3. White Castle Regent Red Wine, 11%: £18.50, White Castle Vineyard


    That one comes thanks to a little-scale, 5-acre outfit, proudly focused on producing handsome Welsh wines. Their full-flavoured, gutsy red is made of Regency, a hybrid grape robust enough to resist the indiscriminate Welsh climate. Swing through the winery for any tour and tastings.

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    4. Glyndwr White Wine, 11%: £10.99, Waitrose Cellar


    Named after Owain Glyndwr, the staunch nationalist and Welsh folk hero, this wines are very happy with its Celtic heritage. Produced from grapes freshly plucked from Wales’ earliest winery, it’s a fruity white-colored with a stylish citrus twist that’s the toast from the valleys.

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    5. Gwynt Y Ddraig Gold Medal Cider, 7%: £30 for 12 bottles, Gwynt Cider Shop


    A reputation whispered in reverence among cider connoisseurs, Gwynt’s much-acclaimed ‘Gold Medal’ is really a velvety smooth farmhouse booze, full of fruity apple flavours and subtle tannins. It’s so tasty, West Country cider makers should think about blockading the Severn Bridge.

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    5. Ancre Hill Sparkling Rosé, 11.5%: £32.99, Great English Wines


    A stunning beauty from Ancre Hill, whose vino is produced by biodynamic farming methods, spraying their vines with herbal infusions that make sure the winemaking process is really as eco-friendly because the valleys. This sparkling rosé is delicate, salmon-pink booze, full of summer time fruit flavours along with a soft hint of vanilla.

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    6. Apple County Vilberie Medium Dry Cider, 6%: £27 for 6 bottles, Apple County Cider


    Perched around the Welsh border, overlooking the revered apple-crushing counties of Gloucestershire and Herefordshire, these relative newcomers around the cider making scene are creating drink just like anything found east of Offa’s Dyke. Their Vilberie medium dry is really a robust, single variety cider with elegant floral notes and a little bitter tannins to complete.

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    7. Brains, SA Gold, 4.7%: £2, Sainsbury’s


    Wales’ greatest brewery continues to be quenching the thirst of Welsh workers, revellers and rugby players since 1882, but SA Gold is really a new accessory for its line-up. A refreshing light malt ale with well-jumped bitter citrus notes, it’s a sure-fire crowd pleaser.

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    8. Otley, Oxymoron, 5.5%: £3, EeBria


    Named ‘oxymoron’ for being a black India pale ale, this is a dark treat from one of the country’s most consistently brilliant breweries. A fragile milk chocolate sweetness is quickly shattered by dry roasted coffee flavours and a steady crescendo of hop bitterness. A symphony of dark beer excellence.

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    10. Dà Mhìle, Seaweed Gin, 42%: £30, Dà Mhìle


    This gin is really as much the job from the stunning Welsh coast because the Ceredigion crafts folk who allow it to be. Carefully selected botanicals and infused seaweed bring the essence from the ocean for your G&T – best offered around the rocks.

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    11. Condessa, Praline Welsh Cream, 17%: £14.65, Condessa


    Condessa’s group of booze infusers has switched Anglesey right into a liqueur lover’s paradise. Its fruity figures are sweet liquid treats however this cream liqueur’s taste of smooth chocolate, hazelnut and vanilla brings an additional touch of elegance.

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    Beer aficionados need take a look at Cwtch – grab a container and discover what all of the fuss is all about. For any golden, sweet-supping drink to savour, Penderyn single malt can make your heart sing.

    Richard is a half of these two Thirsty Gardeners, authors from the booze-making book ‘Brew it Yourself’.

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