ten best glass tumblers

    ten best glass tumblers


    A great group of glass tumblers ought to be versatile, robust along with a pleasure to make use of. Whether you’re searching for any fundamental kitchen cup, or something like that fancier for everyone with for parties, check whether it’s dependable within the dishwasher, simple to stack away and won’t be very expensive to exchange when one (inevitably) breaks.

    1. Duralex Picardie tumbler: £1.80, Manufactum


    The ever-present French coffee shop glass has been created by Duralex for many years, and it is be a favourite in homes across the remainder of Europe too. Duralex created a special way of producing the stacking tumbler in heat resistant, robust, tempered glass that makes it less inclined to break. Is available in four sizes varying from 70-410ml.

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    2. Bitossi Home Lucca water tumbler: £8, Conran Shop


    The retro-searching Lucca tumbler by Bitossi Home consists of recycled glass making each one of these slightly unique. Produced in Italia, these glasses possess a continental café feel and are available tinted in a variety of colours: amber, pink, olive, blue and vivid eco-friendly. They’re is it dishwasher safe.

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    3. Italesse Bolle glass tumblers: £45 for six, Home Institute


    Such as the bubbles of the fizzy drink, Bolle is included in round bulges that magnify information on the contents inside. The result is most effective when serving coloured drinks or cocktails having a slice of lemon. As some six, this textural glass is fantastic for parties, and there is a matching jug to assist complete your fiesta.

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    4. HAY Colour glass: £9, Trouva


    The yellow gradient impact on this chic glass from HAY is delicately applied, having a soft contrast between your frosted top and obvious bottom. The entire range includes obvious glasses decorated with squares of pink, blue and gold lines. Reserve it for special events or allow it to be a day to day favourite. At 8.8cm tall, they are dainty, so make certain the dimensions works for your requirements.

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    5. Muji Glass cup: £1.95, Muji


    Sometimes the easiest things around the house are the most useful. This glass from minimalist high-street jewel Muji costs under £2 so it’s easily replaced when damaged. The look is straightforward, but well considered – a subtle bulge mid-in place the glass can help you grip and avoids spills.

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    6. Hand crafted large tumbler: £8, Developed in Colour


    Countless small air bubbles give these hands-made tumblers their decoration. Each bit is slightly different fit and texture and there is a rainbow of colors to select from including dark cobalt blue and vivid orange. The big version is really a generous 400ml.

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    7. Villeroy & Boch Outfitted Up tumbler: £7.92, House of Fraser


    This textured glass by heritage makers Villeroy & Boch is made for sodas, but constitutes a fun holder for party snacks or small flowers too. Made from very glass, the tumbler comes tinted in pink, yellow, gray or eco-friendly. It’s is it dishwasher safe, but handwashing is suggested to help keep it pristine.

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    8. Roar Rabbit Botanical glasses: £7, West Elm


    Delicately etched with swaying poppies, berries and hibiscus flowers, these glasses make a stylish looking for the dining room table. Mitzie Wong and Wendy Wurtzburger, also known as Philadelphia-based Roar Rabbit, are behind the botanically-inspired designs. At 8.5cm tall and diameter, they are in the smaller sized finish from the scale.

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    9. Rockett St George The Current Home Smoke glasses: £18 for 4, Rockett St George


    Smoked glass is making a comeback after its Sixties and Seventies heyday. Each glass within this group of four tumblers from also offers a rounded shape which feels great within the hands and bakes an ideal vessel for serving short drinks and cocktails.

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    10. Sainsbury’s Botanist Tumbler Glass: £4, Sainsbury’s


    The top of Sainsbury’s glass is pocked having a heavy texture which makes it simple to grip and fascinating to deal with. The eco-friendly hue of the glass is saturated round the base and fades out to the peak, giving this straightforward piece a little bit of contrast.

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    If you are after a day to day glass that may stack, last models within the dishwasher and won’t break easily, there isn’t any beating the Duralex Picardie (the thing is it everywhere for a good reason). The Italesse Bolle glass is really a fun and strange option for parties and special events.

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