Nigel Farage resigns: Douglas Carswell brands Ukip leader ‘electorally disastrous’ after resignation


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    1. Sylve1tone14

      I remember the Ouya hype.nI’ll give the team their props for being such a charismatic bunch, but really, it was just bad decision making, and false hopes which brought the Ouya down.nI co1idered owning one as a mea1 for possible game development, and there were only a small selection of games I enjoyed from my friend’s Ouya, but it just wasn’t enough for me to co1ider a purchase.nIt’s a pity too. If they made the right calls, satisfied the early backe1, and didn’t have their heads in the clouds, they’d probably get somewhere.nI don’t hate the Ouya by any mea1, but damn it, the co1ole had some sort of potential.