Scientists say men with one intriguing characteristic ‘are more appealing to women’

    Scientists say men with one intriguing characteristic ‘are more appealing to women’


    Check out a lot of women’s OkCupid profiles and you will be challenged to locate one which states, “I’m searching for any guy who makes me laugh, loves trying new foods, and – oh! understands how to spin an average yarn.”

    But new information shows that storytelling prowess is really a desirable quality inside a guy – possibly since it signals that they are high-status. Men, however, don’t appear to become irritated by women’s capability to tell a great tale.

    Researchers in the College of New York at Chapel Hill and SUNY Zoysia found these conclusions after performing a number of studies with countless men and women undergrads as participants.

    In a single study, undergrads read descriptions of folks, most of which specified the man or lady informs great tales. Results demonstrated that ladies found men that were good storytellers more appealing as lengthy-term partners than men that were only decent storytellers, or men whose bios did not mention storytelling ability whatsoever.

    Men, however, did not rate women more appealing when individuals women were referred to as good storytellers.

    They also requested the participants to point whether or not they thought the person or lady could be popular, respected, along with a good leader. Solutions to those questions indicated how high-status the individual appeared.

    Affirmed, men that were supposedly good storytellers were perceived by women as greater status. Again, though, ladies who were supposedly good storytellers weren’t perceived by men weight loss attractive or of greater status.

    At this time, it’s difficult to state without a doubt why women are attracted to men that will easily notice a great story. The authors claim that “storytelling ability reflects your capability to gain sources. Good storytellers might be more prone to influence others in order to gain positions of authority in society.”

    Previous studies have discovered that women prefer high-status guys, which means this is not especially surprising – what’s new is the concept that storytelling ability is definitely an indicator of status.

    Obviously, future scientific studies are necessary to find out if watching and hearing a guy tell a tale is really as appealing as studying a tale he’s written.

    Yet this research contributes to an increasing body of research around the nonphysical characteristics which will make men appealing to women, like mindfulness and altruism. In some instances, these attributes appear to become much more important than the usual man’s looks.

    Main point here: Women may not clearly demonstrate that they are searching for any guy who are able to tell a great story – actually, they may not even realize that’s what they need. But if you wish to impress a lady, consider ditching the pickup lines and beginning with “Once upon a period …” rather.


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